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Magna Carta MemorialIt is not always easy to define historic ages. Look into four books and you get five answers. Additionally, German historians sometimes define certain ages differently than their British colleagues. But a timeline helps me to see different events in relation to each other, even if it is only approximate in some areas. Some eras are overlapping each other. I have decided to classify the time between the Middle Ages and the 20th century on the first level by royal houses. Some developments encompass several ages (like the British Empire). These I assigned to the age, where they had there biggest impact (for the British Empire that would be the Victorian age). By the way, under each header you will not just find historical articles, but books, art and every other topic that can be put into a historical context.

12,000 – 2,500 BC Stone Age

2.500 – 750 BC Bronze Age

750 – 55 BC Iron Age

55 BC – 410 AD Roman Britain

410 – 1066 Early Middle Ages

1066 – 1485 Middle Ages

1485 – 1603 Tudors

1603 – 1714 Stuarts

1714 – 1837 Georgians

1837 – 1901 Victorians

20th century

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